Keyhole Peeping, are you still out there?

8 09 2010

Hello World (-> my 2 blog subscribers)

It’s been a little while I know & I’d like to say that lots has been happening. Actually, I’ve only been thinking of lots the happening part comes in spurts. But to be fair to me and you of course, I promised a journey into the release of emotion and I’m on that brink now. Semi independence awaits me!! It’s not quite what I anticipated; apprehensive & tense, excited & invigorated, all topped with a hint of doubt and a sprinkle of surety.

Soon enough I will hit the ground running, pedal to the metal, full speed ahead and all that wonky jazz. If this endeavor takes to the sky I look forward to your frequent flyer status, if it crashes and burns I hope you’ll be around to rehydrate the soul.

So my imaginary friends I bid you adieu till next we meet 😀