The experience that shapes a life

4 08 2011

A piece of me is taken with every person that has had access to my mosaic heart. All that’s left is just enough to wake me up each day and pump the natural resource for survival. At times it feels as if I’m drowning in an endless pool of pathos reaching for the one hand that I felt was strong enough to pull me out but it’s no longer there. Will the feeling last forever? Of course not. Yet in this moment time has stood still and the pain is indefinite.

To work so hard and be left with so little seems terribly unfair and it makes me ask the cosmos for the reasons I have been created to endure this. Past life transgressions, present life indiscretions? The stars do not align for me this lifetime. Whatever the cause acceptance is the new order of the day whether life plays in my favor or not.

In youthful spirit I still believe that there will be a happy ending but the question remains … am I in it? I was your experience and you continue to shape mine.

To the one who will forever hold the last piece of me – I live in hope.


Heavy Burden

5 04 2011

Rage, Hate, Vengeance
Questions unanswered
Hypocrisy, Double Standard
Wrath unreserved.

Nightmare, hurt
Grief and Pain.
Liar, Cheater, Manipulator
Release me

Let me go
Self, Let go.

Future, Distant
Unsure, Incomplete.

Destiny Unfulfilled.
Forsaken, made disloyal.