Quantum Leap

14 06 2010

Recently while browsing WordPress I came across a nice blog, hesaidandshesaid,  that inspired this little blog-ette of my own. It brought up the topic of remakes not being as great as their classical counterparts and as I browsed the commentary I waxed nostalgic with the Gen X crowd who held dear their favorite movies and TV shows from decades of yore.

One notable mention was Quantum Leap one of my all time favorite sci-fi features of the late 80’s to early 90’s. Crib notes here for those born during this time period: it was pretty much a futuristic show about past life jumps sorta like the 2008 Jumper movie (but not really). Summarized version from the show’s monologue>> Dr. Sam Beckett, a quantum physicist had developed a project that allowed him to time travel to periods within his own lifetime. Essentially he would ‘leap’ into the host bodies of other people to help set events a right that had originally gone awry.

How this gem of a show inspired me to write this blog followed after a conversation with a close friend where I found myself lending my biased opinion in recommending a solution to his particular personal conundrum. [What a mouthful that was!] Afterwards I reflected on my own lil’ physical departures from reality. By throwing myself into the lives of others it has allowed me to step away from the doldrums that is my own life. It’s always easy to help correct the mistakes of the not-me’s, or ease the burden of tribulations held by friends. By rendering a sense of self appreciation in others you find worth in the non-doing of your own life. Well, I speak for myself here.

Summertime Cartoons

By Randy Bish found on Daryl Cagle's Political Cartoonist Index

I’m really no better than my own kid when it comes to finding something to do (sorry Matt, but you are a spoiled one). I’ve got no job, but ideas coming out the Wazoo. I’ve got ideas backed by a degree, but no motivation to put them into action. I’ve got inaction propped up by daytime TV, and an inordinate amount of ennui to last me until my financier’s patience runs out.

Occasionally my hosts become leapers and provide me with sage wisdom of their own “Do it”, “You should try it”, “Write the business plan”. Hmmm, “bleh” I say. Why do that when I am living vicariously through you? [Insert green-eyed monster here].

Truth is I’m bored outta ma mind!!

But, what to do? Once ennui takes over there’s no reason for me to move with deliberation towards a desired objective. If i could actually leap through time to other people and solve their dilemma’s I’d be more than willing to oblige.  You always have more balls when the decisions aren’t really your own. Hmm, I’d make a pretty good consultant then.

Don’t let this blog fool you, I’m not a tortured, racked soul with no aim forward who hasn’t yet realized that they are the original.  I’m just a lazy bum who’d like to take a Quantum Leap out of reality every now and again.  Care to be my hosts imaginary friends?




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14 06 2010

You’re funny

14 06 2010

I’m here to amuse

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