Wants vs. Needs

7 06 2010

I want a break, a break from doing the monotony of the nothing I’m currently not doing. I want independence, a sense of freedom from authoritative rules about what is ‘acceptable’. I want stability, a strong foundation to build a wholesome life on.

I want a good disposition to go thru daily struggles with a sense of appreciation for small blessings. I want financial security to create a worry free future for me & my dependents. I want to be healthy and in good shape to live the life I would like to live.

I want a comfortable house that can be called home as a respite from the rush of daily life. I want a relationship with someone who totally appreciates the me that is. I want a lot of wants…

I need a reality check to get my butt off this bed.

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2 responses

7 06 2010

I was wondering when the “go get what you keep WANTING” part was gonna come in. That’s always the crux isn’t it…we want a lot a things but we’re in bed hoping it comes. I do that all the time.

7 06 2010

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that you’re not in bed right now. Makes me feel even lazier. :-*

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