Empowered Woman

1 06 2010

In the decade of  putting rings on it, keeping a poker face, and getting the rude boy up, it’s a wonder if young ladies today know the concept of holding principles and values. Mind you I’ve had my fair share of rump shaking in my youthful days and am not suggesting by any means that a little fun not be had. However, all things in moderation and it would be good to have a popular anthem of sorts that the younger generation could also hum along to.

I’ve posted the following Calypso song by the Trinidadian Singing Sandra(1987) and lyrics written out from replaying the video over and over, mostly because it’s just such a darn good listen and because I wanna be able to sing along 🙂 Disclaimer: words in brackets are unknown terms to me since I’m not from Trinidad and corrections are welcomed, unfortunately the video doesn’t play to completion of the entire song but I’ve filled in up to what I can remember.

Hope it puts a spring in some strong woman’s step today!

Die with My Dignity – Singing Sandra

You want to help to mind you family
You want to help your man financially
But nowadays it really very hard
To get a job as a girl in Trinidad

You looking out to find something to do
You meet a boss man who promise to help you
But when the man lay down the conditions
Nothing else but humiliation

They want to see your whole anatomy
They want to see whe’ your doctor never see
They want to do whe’ your husband never do
Still you ain’t no if the scamps will hire you
Well if is all this humiliation
To get a job these days as a woman
Brother …


They could keep they money
I go keep my Honey

Some of them dem pack up already
Den dem siddung waiting like (ma’ picky)
Using the power of their cash and position
Waiting to abuse and exploit any woman

To get the work you have to go to bed with he
Become he slave, second wife and deputy
And as a next woman come on de line
He start to tell you, “yuh ain’t good, yuh cyan wine”

They want to see you with a fancy fancy pose
They want to see how you look without you clothes
They want you cock up like a bloody acrobat
They wife at home they cyan ask she to do dat

So before I have to lick down somebody
Or Cuss and let the police come for me
Tell them …


Looking for work you might bounce up a fellow
Who might be looking quite handsome and macho
You tell yuhself you want to work with he
So you decide to try a ratchifee

But when you done is then you get to know
He wife leave he and gone long time ago
With all the cash he have
He is a failure
The man is nothing but a blinking soocooyah

They want to feel up yuh navel and you breast
They want to see if you a (lota) on your chest
The things they want to do you with they hand
Like if they searching to find the Promised Land

I am a woman who don’t make any skylark
Before I slap them and they die of heart attack
Tell them…


It have a lot o’ women just like me
Who might be not too well of financially
You need a job and you really need it bad
A man decide to help, you must be glad

But if you value yourself as a woman
You will demand respect from the vagabonds!



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20 08 2014

…Stand up to them and let them know the truth
Is work you want you aint no blinkin prostitite
Ya have a mole on ya back they want to see
They want to see if you have marks on ya belly
They want to know how much man ya had before
And if ys strong enough to take anymore
I have me pride and I have me ambition
I want to hold my head up high as a woman

5 03 2015

March is the ‘it’ month to reply to this particular song. Wonder why??
Thank you!

28 03 2012

Hi found this by accident because I was playing the song and wondered about one of the phrases – I wrote out the part you’re missing – I should have looked at the other search results – there’s a good one that has the whole thing. Anyway if you’re still interested in the song and want to know more – email me and I’ll get back to you
where you left off it picks up:
Stan’ up to them and let dem know de truth
Is wuk you want, you ain’t no blinkin’ prostitute

You have a mole on your back they want to see
They want to see if you have marks on your belly
They want to know how much man you have before
And if you’re strong enough to take any more

I have mih pride and I have mih ambition
I want to hold mih head up high as a woman
So bredder they go keep dey money
I go keep my honey
And die with my dignity!

5 03 2015

3 years later, I thank you. Thanks for not only stopping by but taking the time to fill in the blanks 🙂

7 06 2010

This is an awesome song. Nuff of them girls now a days dont know what dignity means.

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